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This is Beanie, a lambent mutated Dog who belonged to Rarkess about two to three years ago and disappeared as it was captured and drug underground.

Accepting that the dog had been lost after she had been thoroughly and extensively trained as a war animal, Rarkess went about business as usual when her squad, at the time, was under attack by boomers. Three boomers had them pinned down and were upon them as they were taking refuge in the corner of a highway bridge.

Out of nowhere, a strange creature, clearly lambent leveled the boomers in a blinding frenzy of arms, legs and tail, teeth and claws. Her group decided to fire on it, but Rarkess noticed the animal exhibited signs of obedience when it had done it's deed. Sitting back on her haunches, the animal crouched to avoid the fire and did not seem to want to attack.

Rarkess spoke up and went to the creature, despite the fact her commanding officers told her not to. Rarkess realized her best friend was still alive, albeit, she was not the same in appearance. However, despite Beanie's unbecoming appearance, she still exhibited her dog-like mannerisms as well as some unusual ones that most likely came from being exposed to the imullsion. 

The animal still retains her memories and original personality as well as her training, despite the fact her gut is aglow with the substance. Rarkess was soon expelled from her squad and on her own for a bit, with the beast to protect her and she protecting it from harm. Nobody trusted Rarkess or the beast, believing the woman's farfetched claim that the animal was trustworthy would get them all killed.

Rarkess has went through every possible test to give the animal the chance to turn on her or to attack her and the animal has not. Rarkess is convinced Beanie is perfectly fine, just...fugly as fudge cakes with stinkier breath than she had when she was a normal dog.

Beanie is about 8 feet or taller, including her ears. She has opposable thumbs and can be bipedal or quad due to her forearms being longer than her lower body. She is also ridable and Rarkess uses her for fast transport into battle and across the map to get from place to place since she is usually alone with the animal. She has scavanged parts and cog gear to make armor for the beast and a saddle to ride on the beast comfortably.

Rarkess searches for a squad that will take her in and her pet without prejudices or doubts. Until then, Beanie and Rarkess are well known by Cogs as two lone wolves that are loyal to their cause, but not given a chance to be embraced into a cog family due to their unique situation.

It is not uncommon or unlikely for Beanie to show up into a battle with hot pink tatoo markings on her flesh or with accessories Rarkess has made for her in her spare time, such as goggles (See the picture)

Rarkess's favorite color is pink, if you hadn't noticed so Beanie has that passed onto her in ways she really could care less about as she's more than happy to serve her master as a war animal.

Not much is known about how the animal was changed or why she appears the way she does. Rarkess has plans to do more research on the possibilities of creating animals like Beanie to be more powerful, but mutated and bred in a humane way to take on the cogs. However, Rarkess cannot say what the animal went through to get to the point she is now.

Gears of war characters(C) :icongrizzled-dog:

Gears of war universe and story(C) EpicGames
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January 22
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